cheesy hipster photo
makes me smile everytime

cheesy hipster photo

makes me smile everytime





Zac, you’re too handsome it’s breaking my heart. I love you.

Watching 17 Again now! Kinikilig ako masyado.

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2 years ago

My 2011 Appreciation Post II


(Bangsal’s Birthday Vice Night)

I don’t remember a lot from this night very much. Not because I got too drunk to remember, but because I fell asleep right when I got there.

Oh yes, July. The month when I made a lot of life-changing decisions. First, I decided to apply for the UP Music Circle. Second, I decided to shift out of BroadComm. Hrrrmms. (Ha. Ano? HAHA)

That aside, here are some photos from my July Photoshoot with ISA friends. I felt vain.

Plus a photo from that day I met Ramon Bautista


Say hello to my UPMC Batchmates. Hello.

This month was dareweek month; the apps’ dorm tour. I had 2 bands. Stress! I had exams on each day of dareweek. I spent sleepless nights; spent hours in random coffee shops studying. But it’s all good. Dareweek was really fun! It made me appreciate my instrument better.

(Basta! at Ilang-ilangfor Dareweek)


Never ending Robot Unicorn Attack competition

Video conferences/cyber inumans

Of course, September 13 2011 Billie and Gen!

Quote of the month: "Don’t hate the playah, hate the game"

Confused Billie was back and left a lot of ~damage.


"The inevitability of your death and the meaningless of your life."

Tried my best to catch up with my acads, which I totally just forgot about the whole sem. Coffee and cigarette dependency levels reached their peaks. I branded myself as a PRO-crastinator; submitting everything past deadline. I don’t know how I would’ve survived if it wasn’t for my friends who pushed me to work.

Oh and I became I member of UPMC!!! Yay. Love love love.


I love this month! Full of gigs and surprises. I went to gigs every week. Watched a lot of the Squibs’ jams.

I felt hipster so I decided to revive my SLR. My first SLR adventure happened on the 1st of November. Haven’t gotten the photos developed yet. Errr. Will post them soon! Promise.

Well it was during this month when I was having trouble with the idea of taking risks. It was really tough for me, after having built this wall around me that I thought was unbreakable. Someone broke that but I kept denying it. Then one day, I don’t know, I just decided what the heck, just go for it.

Anyway, the month ended with a bang. Yes. Our bags got stolen inside our friend’s car in West Ave. Lesson learned: don’t leave valuables in parked cars! Anything can happen!

(Mark’s window-less car at West Ave.)


I already made a December post check it out here:

Part 1

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(Tinatamad na ko actually HAHA)


Those are basically the highlights of my 2011. Whew, another roller coaster ride right there! Time to prepare myself physically, emotionally and mentally for another one this year.