September’s Series of Unfortunate Events.

Depressing fun.
  1. No electricity at home for a month or so, hence my nomadic adventures.
  2. Tonsillitis, urinary track infection, lower respiratory track infection and a fracture on my left 2nd digit distal phalanx.

Must get out of here. Quick.

Brownout Sa Bahay Namin ng Isang Buwan

Can I crash your homes please? Huhu.

Awkward silences

are signifiers that things have already changed and I’m afraid all else will go downhill from here.

cheesy hipster photo
makes me smile everytime

cheesy hipster photo

makes me smile everytime

In the Dark

night light on your bedside
though dim,
certainty still in reach

its energy finite
comfort is breached
as it gradually loses its brightness

eventually the monsters beneath your bed
wakes you up from your sleep
safety is lost

by then you should already know
you can’t keep hiding under that blanket
that keeps you from facing your fear of the unknown